Welcome to Mindfulness & YOU Members' Community

This project is initiated and managed by Morphing Mind.

About Our Community

Mindfulness & YOU is created by Morphing Mind to celebrate and share the importance of having mindful thoughts, mindful attitudes, mindful habits and mindful actions in all that we do on a daily basis so as to create a better living world.

The Membership

Membership is complimentary. All who are interested in the subject of Mindfulness are welcome. You need to register and create an account for your membership. Benefits includes gaining exclusive access to related articles, learning information, dialogues, events and courses.

The Community Goal

Here in Mindfulness & YOU Community, our goal is to empower our members to learn and practice using Mindfulness and its techniques to:

  • achieve better clarity and focus at work
  • build stronger resilience to overcome daily stress
  • construct closer and more fruitful relationships with people around them.

Morphing Mind

Morphing Mind is created and managed by Arte Sensorial Pte Ltd, which is helmed by Mr Lam Kwong Khiam, a seasoned educational entrepreneur with 28 years in the financial industry and more than a decade of experience in the education training and mental wellness arena. 

Morphing Mind actively researches the educational and psychological aspect of identifying, resolving and managing stress-related mental health issues of both adults and children since 2009, including the subject of neuroscience, which is actively built into our mind-training programs. Making our training workshops as real as possible, we participated extensively in international conferences, seminars and workshops on life-skills training, mindfulness, mindful art and dyslexia in the United States, Germany and Singapore. We further formulated that wellness, attention and alertness of the mind are the critical foundations for all other skills and knowledge trainings.

The creation of Morphing Mind is the combination of our love in training the mind, and the passion in helping both adults and children improve their overall well-being, mental and physical.